How much is the excess baggage charge for flights within Japan?

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When you travel to Japan, how much does your camera, lenses and tripod weigh in total?

For domestic flights on Japan Airlines (JAL), Japan’s leading airline, excess baggage charges apply if the total weight of your baggage exceeds 20kg for standard seat passengers and 45kg for first class passengers.

For example, if your suitcase with all your equipment weighs 30 kilograms, you will have to pay an excess charge of 10 kilograms at the check-in counter.

So how much is the 10kg excess charge?

A table showing prices by destination is available at the URL below.

According to this table, for example, if you take a flight from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Sapporo in Hokkaido, you will be charged 400 yen per kilogram. For an excess of 10 kilograms, that would be 4,000 yen.

In addition, there is also a rule that baggage exceeding 32 kg per item cannot be checked in. For more information on baggage, please refer to the following web page.