Rates– Personnel costs of filming (as at Dec 2023) –

Primary Rates:

We recognize that potential clients frequently inquire about our pricing, and we value transparency.

  1. As the Director of Photography, my professional fee is USD 800 daily for up to eight hours. Beyond this, an overtime rate of $100 per hour applies.
  2. When engaged as a camera operator assisting another Director of Photography, my rate is USD 600 daily for up to eight hours. Beyond this, an overtime rate of $75 per hour applies.

Team Personnel Rates: Our esteemed colleagues – bilingual freelancers with expertise in videography, photography, sound recording, and coordination (fixers) – bring their independent rate structures to each project. Our collaborations cater to international clientele, and given the freelancers’ independence, the rates vary. Please consider the following as approximate rates. It’s noteworthy to mention that these rates exclude equipment and transportation costs.

We appreciate your understanding and are always willing to discuss specifics according to project needs.

Personnel costs of filming (as at Dec 2023)
Director of Photography: 800USD
Camera operator: 600USD
Camera assistant: 400USD
Drone operator: 800USD (includes a DJI Mavic3 Pro)
Sound recordist: 600USD (includes equipment)
Fixer/Local producer: 600USD
Hair&Make: 400USD

Pricing Breakdown: Interview Shoot

This estimate is for a simple interview shoot accompanied by B-roll footage taken on the same day, at the same location (e.g., an office setting).

Crew Fees:

  • Director of Photography: 800 USD
  • Camera Assistant: 400 USD

Equipment Rental:

  • Complete Video Equipment Kit: 250 USD which includes:
    • 2x SONY A7S3 with tripod
    • Sony E-mount Lenses
    • SONY wireless microphone set
    • Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun microphone with boom
    • LED Aputure LS300D II with Light Doom II

Additional Equipment Options:

  • Gimbal Weebil-S: 20 USD per day
  • 24-inch Teleprompter: 50 USD per day

Equipment Delivery Fees:

  • Within Tokyo’s 23 Wards: 100 USD
  • Other Areas: Price upon discussion

Based on the aforementioned rates, the total cost for conducting an interview shoot and B-roll filming within Tokyo is 1,550 USD.


If you have questions, please contact me.
Jiro Kumakura: info@jirokumakura.com