Where I rent professional camera/equipment in Tokyo

Photo by José Val Bal
Photo by José Val Bal

For the past two years, my most used camcorder for documentary filming has been the SONY A7Siii. It is small, has excellent autofocus and excellent image stabilisation. I have an Atomos Ninja V attached to my SONY A7Siii and I record Apple ProRes footage with the Ninja V.

But I don’t always use the same camera. If a client specifies a camera, I rent that camera and shoot with it. There are many companies in Tokyo that lend out professional video cameras. Here are three of them that I often use.

Toyo Rental
This is the company I use the most. They offer the latest models at reasonable prices. They are conveniently located near the National Stadium.

Tokyo Offline Center
You can complete your booking online. Rental rates are reasonable. They deliver the equipment to your office the day before.

Video Service co., LTD
When I needed an ALEXA Mini last year for an urgent project, they lend it to me straight away. They have a large selection of lenses for cinematography.