Can I fly a drone brought from my country in Japan?

Lian und Sander BaumannによるPixabayからの画像
photo by Lian und Sander Baumann

I am often asked by oversea videographers planning to film in Japan.
‘Can I fly my drone in Japan?’
Unfortunately, the answer is no.

In Japan, radio equipment that does not have a Technical Conformity Mark affixed to the transmitter cannot be used.

Technical conformity mark is a mark indicating that a radio communication device has been certified for either or both technical standards conformity certification and technical standards conformity approval, as stipulated by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Technical Conformity Mark
Technical Conformity Mark

Please note that if the drone’s transmitter does not have a Technical Conformity Mark, it may be in breach of the Radio Law in Japan. It is a shame that you cannot use your beloved drone, but the local law must be observed…

Backside of the DJI Phantom4 transmitter sold in Japan.