Kakaku x GeoEdge


Kakaku & GeoEdge Partnership

GeoEdge, headquartered in Israel, provides security services that protect Internet users from malicious advertising. Kakaku.com, one of the most visited website operators in Japan, has implemented GeoEdge’s services. In this video, a representative from Kakaku.com testifies how they have benefited from GeoEdge’s services.
We have been producing more and more of these “testimonial marketing videos” over the past few years.

Produced by GeoEdge
Filmed by Jiro Kumakura

about me

Hello, my name is Jiro. I'm a videographer based in Tokyo, Japan. I studied photography in Florence and have been working in the video industry since 2014. If you need me for your film/video project, please send a message to info@jirokumakura.com