How to pass through quarantine smoothly on arrival in Japan

photo by Markus Winkler

Registering with “Visit Japan Web” in advance allows you to pass through quarantine smoothly on arrival in Japan.

“Visit Japan Web” is a web service that people entering to Japan can use for Quarantine, Immigration and Customs procedures in order to enter to Japan. Please check the Visit Japan Web for details.

I myself had not pre-registered for this Visit Japan Web when I returned to Japan from Finland last week. I therefore had to walk a long distance after getting off the plane to go through the quarantine screening.

The Visit Japan Web app allows you to create QR codes to be displayed when going through immigration and customs as well as quarantine.
However, as there can be long queues at customs in front of the QR code scanning equipment, it is sometimes faster to use the paper declaration form as before. Paper declaration forms are distributed on the plane to Japan.

Written by Jiro Kumakura, videographer based in Tokyo

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