How much costs from Tokyo to Kyoto?

Recently I was asked how much it would cost if a crew moves from Tokyo to Kyoto using Shinkansen. So I checked. <Travel>One way ticket from Tokyo Station to Kyoto Station costs 13,850 JPY (116 EUR). So, if you go to Kyoto and then return to Tokyo, tickets cost 27,700 JPY (232 EUR). If you […]

Mountain Monk Training in Yamagata

Randiah Camille Green is a writer living in Tokyo, and enthusiast for offbeat travel and spooky things. Thanks to The Hidden Japan, I had a chance to film Randiah trying Yamabushi mountain monk experience in Dewa Sanzan, the oldest site of mountain worship in Japan. Please read her article on GaijinPot Blog:¬†Voyaging Towards Introspection with […]