Is it possible to film in Japan now?

Update from Tokyo on 22 August, 2020. Yes. The Japanese government has lifted coronavirus state of emergency in all over the country. Now public parks, museums, restaurants and cafes are open in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka as well as other cities in Japan. Local videographers, sound mixers and photographers are available in locations and studios. […]

If I am not available… ask them!

Since I am working by myself, sometimes I just can’t make. In those cases I highly recommend these professional videographers based in Tokyo: AdriĆ  GINGER he looks a bit like a punk, he does great jobs and his attitude at work is quite sincere that I’m sure! Andrew JONES He’s been living in Japan many […]

Sound mixers in Tokyo

If you are preparing filming in Japan and searching for a local sound mixer who speaks English, I recommend Mariel Lohninger and Jeff Ruiz. They are reliable, easy to communicate and super skillful. I have been working with Mariel Lohninger since 2015. He always does great jobs.Mariel’s website Jeff Ruiz of H Media Group […]