If I am not available… ask them!

Since I am working by myself, sometimes I just can’t make. In those cases I highly recommend these professional videographers based in Tokyo: AdriĆ  GINGERhttp://adriaginger.com/en/Although he looks a bit like a punk, he does great jobs and his attitude at work is quite sincere that I’m sure! Andrew JONEShttp://aj-productions.jp/ He’s been living in Japan many […]

Sound mixers in Tokyo

If you are preparing filming in Japan and searching for a local sound mixer who speaks English, I recommend Mariel Lohninger and Jeff Ruiz. They are reliable, easy to communicate and super skillful. I have been working with Mariel Lohninger since 2015. He always does great jobs.Mariel’s website http://tokyo-crew.co.jp/ Jeff Ruiz of H Media Group […]