How much costs from Tokyo to Kyoto?

Recently I was asked how much it would cost if a crew moves from Tokyo to Kyoto using Shinkansen. So I checked.

One way ticket from Tokyo Station to Kyoto Station costs 13,850 JPY (116 EUR). So, if you go to Kyoto and then return to Tokyo, tickets cost 27,700 JPY (232 EUR). If you ride in the Green Car (First class), you have to add about 5,000 JPY (42 EUR) each.

Generally, a reasonable hotel (less luxury but neat&convenient) in Kyoto costs about 10,000 JPY (84 EUR). However, the rate changes at seasons. In Kyoto, in the cherry‚Äźblossom season or autumn colour season, it soars to more than double. I recommend you to book as earlier as possible.

Happy filming in Japan!

Published by Jiro Kumakura

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