If I am not available… ask them!

Since I am working by myself, sometimes I just can’t make. In those cases I highly recommend these professional videographers based in Tokyo:

Although he looks a bit like a punk, he does great jobs and his attitude at work is quite sincere that I’m sure!

Andrew JONES
He’s been living in Japan many years. He speaks fluent Japanese. Sometime I learn Japanese from him! He does great jobs and is very reliable at location shootings.

Andrew JONES and his SONY FS7 at Ootemachi Hall, Tokyo

Mikael was working in the film industry in France before he came to Japan and is very good at lighting as well as camera operating. He is very easy to communicate with.

Filming in Kyoto in Winter.
(From right, Adria GINGER, Mikael SENNINGE and Rin TAKADA. Rin-san is also an experienced sound mixer based in Tokyo)

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