From Yakushima with Love

Yakushima will soon celebrate its quarter-century anniversary since it was designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1993. As the island becomes more well known internationally, it’s seeing an increasing number of foreign visitors. However, what is it about Yakushima that makes it so attractive? Kenichiro Mogi, the influential neuroscientist, travels the island to find out.

Kenichiro Mogi
Jennifer Lue
Lukas Gehring
John Daugherty

Narrator: Phoebe Amoroso
Videographer: Jiro Kumakura

Special thanks to
PANORAMA Restaurant
Yakushima Ohzora High School

in the Sirako mountain


When I hit my head on the shade I found there was a gecko. This morning in Issou, Yakushima. Thanks to Mikako Takada we filmed Yamao Sansei’s cottage in the Sirako mountain.

Yakushima’s Flying Fish

“Are you filming? The ocean will sway today. Please be patient until the afternoon.”

Before dawn at Yakushima’s Awa Port, the captain quietly fixes the nails. We were prepared at this stage for the 100% probability of being seasick, but we wanted to see with our very eyes how Yakushima’s famous flying fish are caught.

It was really a tough but interesting shooting!

Jiro Kumakura

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo – Momentum Travel

For the web magazine “Momentum Travel”, I visited the Tsukiji market frequently in October. The market is the largest fish market on the planet and it was very difficult to get a permission to film inside. There are many authorities that you have to ask before start the shooting. Thanks to the people of OTSURU and HISHOU, I finally managed to shoot the video. They are brilliant wholesalers in the market.
If you are planning to visit the market, I recommend you to read through an article provided by the web magazine.


A mini-documentary on Unagi (eel) shop in Tokyo

Recently I had a chance to film an eel shop in Tokyo. I ate Unaju (grilled eel on a bed of rice) many times, but I found that there were many things I did not know at all.

Please enjoy the article on written by Joji Sakurai, and the video taken by me and Mariel Lohninger (a first-class sound engineer based in Tokyo).

Jiro Kumakura