Tokyo video crew, Jiro KUMAKURA



Trekking to Wilson’s Stump

Antonia is staying at Yakushima with Workaway. It looks like she’s going to go somewhere with Jennifer, a mountain guide.
The destination seems to be Wilson’s Stump.

Wilson’s Stump is a cedar stump that was reportedly cut down by order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (one of Japan’s famous warlords) in the latter half of the 16th century. About 100 years ago, it was rediscovered by botanist Ernest Henry Wilson. If it was not cut down, it could have become the largest tree not only on Yakushima, but in Japan as well. Inside the stump, there is a small shrine and spring water flows out. When you look up from inside, a heart-shaped sky can be seen, so it is said to be a power spot for improving one’s luck with love.

Trekking to Wilson’s Stump

Trekking to Wilson’s Stump

Jennifer Lue

Producer: Hirofumi Taniguchi
Coordinator: Akiko Miwa
Videographer: Jiro Kumakura

Special thanks to Sangaku Taro

Produced by Yakushima Heart TV

G-Zero World, Episode 9: Ian Bremmer in Japan

We’re in Tokyo! On the heels of a decisive electoral victory for Prime Minister Shinzō Abe last Sunday, I sit down with Tomohiko Taniguchi, one of his most trusted aides and a key architect of the Trump/Abe bromance.
So heat up some ramen, subscribe to the show page, and give the latest episode a watch. About time this show about geopolitics hit the road.

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Directed by Erina AOYAMA (EURASIA GROUP)
Videographer: Mikael SENNINGE and Adria GINGER
Sound mixer: Jiro KUMAKURA

Rainy Yakushima. Where shall we go?

During our stay in Yakushima, a large typhoon approaches. All flights and ships are canceled.
Are we going to leisurely pass our time at the inn today? Even though that’s fine, it is getting a little boring.
So we go to the Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center, the tourist information center in Miyanoura (a town in Yakushima) to check, and it seems like there’s one walking course at Shiratani Unsuikyo Forest (about 30 minutes from Miyanoura where you can drive up a mountain) that is still partially open.

Yakushima Heart TV

Producer: Hirofumi TANIGUCHI
Coordinator: Akiko MIWA
Videographer: Jiro KUMAKURA

The Yakushima Baby Sea Turtles

On the third day, at dawn, I saw three boys crouching on the beach. It was the sign that something was happening and thanks to them, I could film baby sea turtles crawling out of the ground. -Jiro Kumakura

Yakushima is largest nesting ground for sea turtles in the North Pacific. Every year, from June to August, sea turtles make their way to the island. It’s said that the baby sea turtles hatched from these eggs will grow into adults as they circle the Pacific Ocean, and they will return to these sandy beaches after 30 years.
At the local elementary school in Isso (a town in Yakushima), the children are helping with the incubation of several sea turtle eggs.

Yakushima Heart TV

The Yakushima Baby Sea Turtles

Special thanks to
Nagata Sea Turtle Liaison Council
Yakushima Umigame-Kan
Yakushima Issou Elementary School
Yoshito Kawada (ULTRAMARINE)

Producer: Hirofumi Taniguchi
Coordinator: Akiko Miwa
Videographer: Jiro Kumakura
Underwater videographer: Yoshito Kawada(ULTRAMARINE, Yakushima)
Editor: Jiro Kumakura

Grids Hotel + Hostel promo video

Grids Hotel + Hostel

Grids is a hotel and hostel that’s as bold as the city it’s located in, offering travelers an authentic, value-for-money experience in Japan that fits with their lifestyle. The core concept is hybridity — it combines hostel-level prices with hotel-level service in a functional space that blends modern graphic design with traditional Japanese flair.

Promotional video for Grids Hotel + Hostel 
Duration: 1 minute 53 seconds
Videography shot by Jiro Kumakura
Produced by GPlus Media

From Yakushima with Love

Yakushima will soon celebrate its quarter-century anniversary since it was designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1993. As the island becomes more well known internationally, it’s seeing an increasing number of foreign visitors. However, what is it about Yakushima that makes it so attractive? Kenichiro Mogi, the influential neuroscientist, travels the island to find out.

Kenichiro Mogi
Jennifer Lue
Lukas Gehring
John Daugherty

Narrator: Phoebe Amoroso
Videographer: Jiro Kumakura

Special thanks to
PANORAMA Restaurant
Yakushima Ohzora High School

Yakushima’s Flying Fish

“Are you filming? The ocean will sway today. Please be patient until the afternoon.”

Before dawn at Yakushima’s Awa Port, the captain quietly fixes the nails. We were prepared at this stage for the 100% probability of being seasick, but we wanted to see with our very eyes how Yakushima’s famous flying fish are caught.

It was really a tough but interesting shooting!

Jiro Kumakura