2017-10-01 superkumaji

The Yakushima Baby Sea Turtles

On the third day, at dawn, I saw three boys crouching on the beach. It was the sign that something was happening and thanks to them, I could film baby sea turtles crawling out of the ground. -Jiro Kumakura

Yakushima is largest nesting ground for sea turtles in the North Pacific. Every year, from June to August, sea turtles make their way to the island. It’s said that the baby sea turtles hatched from these eggs will grow into adults as they circle the Pacific Ocean, and they will return to these sandy beaches after 30 years.
At the local elementary school in Isso (a town in Yakushima), the children are helping with the incubation of several sea turtle eggs.

Yakushima Heart TV

The Yakushima Baby Sea Turtles

Special thanks to
Nagata Sea Turtle Liaison Council
Yakushima Umigame-Kan
Yakushima Issou Elementary School
Yoshito Kawada (ULTRAMARINE)

Producer: Hirofumi Taniguchi
Coordinator: Akiko Miwa
Videographer: Jiro Kumakura
Underwater videographer: Yoshito Kawada(ULTRAMARINE, Yakushima)
Editor: Jiro Kumakura